Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little bit of Lefton.....

 I thought I'd post some pix on this rainy, cold Tuesday of my favorite vintage Lefton items.   Above is a cow pitcher.  So adorable. 
 Probably my very favorite Lefton items are the bluebirds.   SO hard to find and SO precious.  I found all four of these at my local antique mall for.....ready for this?  18 bucks!!  
 Lefton Toodles salt and pepper shakers!   Another cheap find at the antique mall.   I think I paid 4 bucks for them.  

Have a wonderful day!   XOXO


  1. Hi Adrienne,
    These are too cuts!
    So happy to have you join COOL YULE ATC swap.
    enJOY a sweet day,

  2. These are so precious !!! love your stuff girl !!! I am your newest follower... Check out my blog too ...would love to have you at The Rusty Pearl............ hugs

  3. Hi Kimberly and Sherry!!! Thank you for checking out my little corner of blog land! I will certainly check out your blog Sherry!!