Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Is Coming!!

Ok, So not even close.   I would like to announce that I have put up my second Christmas tree today.  Oh yes,  my first one has been up for a week.    It's not even the halfway mark of November.   But you are lucky I didn't start in August.   This year, my goal is to have three trees:   1st being the one that the gifts go under,  with all the heirloom ornaments and vintage shiny brites and things.   The big kahuna, if you will.   The second one,  as seen in the picture,   was quite by accident.   I was shopping the goodwill for deals on christmas goodies,   and came across this huge box of plaid ornaments.  Upon closer inspection,  Every one of them had a 1960's made in japan sticker on it.   I couldn't pass it up.   They are adorable ornaments and this from a gal that doesn't really like plaid!!   This tree is in the far corner of my living room.   The big kahuna tree is in our dining room area.  The third tree I'm even more excited about as it will be either white or pink, with candy ornaments, cupcakes, cotton candy, hello kitty, etc.  All things girly and wonderful.   That will go in my craft room.   How many christmas trees do you have?  

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